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Storage Facilities in Newcastle

If you are looking for storage facilities in Newcastle (either short, medium term or long terms storage) then look no further for your storage in Newcastle as Newcastle Removals and Storage will look after you.

Storage in Newcastle has a wide range of storage solutions from wooden Pods in an undercover storage facility in Newcastle.

Storage space and services in Newcastle has never been so easy as our storage facilities in Newcastle are expanding to Tomago and Salamander Bay.
Storage in Newcastle, is in a central location so if you are moving into the area, it will take away the process of lengthy removals and relocations.

By coming to your door with the storage container and loading your furniture and taking it to your new home, it will cut down the time by half.

Your belongings are very important to us so this is why we offer safe, secure and affordable storage option that will work in with your needs.

If you’re not ready for your delivery, well, no problem.

We can store it in your container at our storage facility in Newcastle, Salamander or Tomago.

Our container moving trucks will drop your container to your new address and unload it.

We then place your furniture in the relevant rooms or a convenient area to minimise time.

Friendly staff and professional administration means you will be delighted with our storage facilities in Newcastle.

A great thing about storing your belongings in a shipping container is that our containers are wind and water tight and can be left outdoors as they we designed to be.

Also the quality of our containers plays a part.

Storage Facilities in Newcastle

We guarantee that our containers are dust and vermin proof.

We maintain each and every one of our containers after every storage job.
They are cleaned and sprayed. Our containers are waterproof and have no rust in them.

They are painted by heat resistant paint specially designed for shipping containers so as we head to summer, the temperature doesn’t change a lot inside.

Newcastle Removals and Storage shipping containers serve a number of different purposes as well, including your basic flat furniture storage, equipment storage, shop storage, tool shed storage, farm and factory machinery storage and office archive storage.

Newcastle Removals and Storage will provide you every time with a no obligation quote to meet your storage container requirements.