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Packing Boxes and Cartons in Newcastle

Are you Looking for removal boxes and packing cartons in Newcastle?

Is it for private use or your upcoming removals or relocation?

Removal boxes and packing cartons at Newcastle Removals and Storage is your answer.

You will need the good packing materials, removal boxes and packing cartons that Newcastle Removals and Storage have to offer.

We offer quality affordable packing boxes for sale and we only sell the strong 2 ply corrugated boxes.

Most cheap boxes are not suitable for moving and storage as they can tear easy and will let you down.

The most popular removal boxes and packing cartons in Newcastle is the Tea Chest removal carton.

The average size is 860 x 480 x 450. Strong and durable and packs well with the size.

For smaller and /or heavier items we suggest the book carton or wine carton.

Approximate dimensions of these are 350 x 280 x 380. These can be obtained at Newcastle Removals and Storage.

With discount prices like ours, you pick between of new or used book cartons, strong and suitable for any removal or new or used tea chest cartons.

Special Removal Boxes and Packing Cartons in Newcastle

Apart from the boxes mentioned above, we have specialized boxes to protect fragile items and make packing easier.

One of these types of boxes is the porta robe.

This robe can be used to hang your clothing in rather than folding and crunching your suits and formal dresses.

You can also put some items at the bottom such as underwear, slippers and shoes. The approximate dimensions of these are 1000 x 500 x 450.

Very versatile and makes packing a breeze.

Another type of box we have are TV boxes.

There are different sizes to suit the size of your television from the 40cm up to the 115cm.

All boxes have foam corners inside to reduce breakages.

Picture frame boxes are very popular as your artwork is on our fragile list.

The picture frame boxes come in all different sizes. These are great for picture frames and mirrors.

You can also purchase Butchers paper from us to use when you are packing boxes.

We also have second hand paper as a cheap, yet economical and alternate way to pad your possessions.

Included in every removal we give you a free starter pack consisting of removals cartons, paper and good quality tape.

Newcastle Removals and Storage boxes are super strong and reasonably priced.

We also can deliver your packing boxes and packing equipment right to your home, office or workshop in Newcastle or wherever you are packing them ready for relocation.

If you have special circumstances, please give us a call now and we will try to look after you and to accommodate your needs and keep you to schedule.