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Make Your Move Go Smooth with a Moving Interstate Checklist

Make Your Move Go Smooth with a Moving Interstate Checklist »

No one can deny  that moving can be a really stressful task. This is why preparing a moving interstate check-list is  a big help in making the task a lot easier. The checklist will assure you that you have already done every step of the process. It is important that you must allot sufficient time to create your moving interstate check-list. We have prepared a sample checklist that you can follow and modify based on your personal preference.

Things to do a month before moving interstate

  • Get detailed quotes from companies that provide services for moving interstate. Choose the company that best suits your moving needs.
  • Begin arranging your utilities. Make sure that you inform your present utility provider that you will no longer use the utilities at your present address. Give them the details of your new address.
  • Buy packing supplies such as boxes, specialised boxes (mirror boxes, wardrobe boxes), packing tape and bubble wrap.
  • Make a list of items that you want to bring to your new home. Pack the items that you don’t regularly use such as  sports equipment.
  • Dispose or give away the items that you no longer need. You can hold a garage sale if needed.
  • Pay all your outstanding bills.
  • Look at  the new community you’ll be living in. Make a note of  important information such as the location of the supermarket, police station, petrol stations and nearest hospital.
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Things to do 2-3 weeks before moving interstate

  • Pack up the things from the larger rooms of the house such as the living room.
  • Wash the linens and towels that are no longer needed  and pack them clean.
  • Store all vital documents such as passports, licenses, birth certificates, securely .
  • Pick up your records from the dentist and the family physician and secure them.
  • Back up the important files from your computer. Start packing your printer and scanner if they are no longer needed.

Make Your Move Go Smooth with a Moving Interstate Checklist »

Things to do one week before moving interstate

  • Inform important contacts and organisations of your new address.
  • Arrange redirection of your mail to your new address via Australia Post.
  • Start to deconstruct your furniture. Secure in  plastic bags the small parts such as screws and bolts and attach the bags to the furniture they are needed for.
  • Get your car to its regular maintenance before it is transported to your new home.
  • Review your travel plans, including the date of the moving day. Plan for a backup accommodation just in case your new home isn’t ready.
  • Clean your refrigerator.
  • Pack your personal items and check that all of the essential items are already inside your luggage.

Make Your Move Go Smooth with a Moving Interstate Checklist »

Things to do during the moving day

  • Create a comprehensive list of what the movers will take to your new home.  Take note which of your valuables will they deliver to the new address. Check the condition that they are in before they leave the house.
  • Perform a thorough check of the house to make sure that you didn’t forget anything.

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