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Interesting Things to Do During the Long Trip When Moving

Moving, for most people, isn’t the most fun thing to do in this world. You get tired from all those months of packing, cleaning, making sure you never leave a thing behind. Moving, to some as well, can be the cause of emotional distress, you leave memories and people behind to start a new chapter in your life.  Then you have go and embark on an hours-long trip just to get to your new home and, more often than not, a lot of people dread this part, too. Imagine those long hours of just sitting, waiting, with nothing much to do, but this shouldn’t be the case though! Long trips don’t have to be a chore to endure with your family or friends.

Interesting Things to Do During the Long Trip When Moving »

Here are some things that you can do while on the road:

  • Think of the trip as a ‘road trip’ that you’ve always wanted to do with friends, family, or a loved one. Knowing that the long trip ahead is just a bonding activity with them already takes the burden of sitting for hours off of your mind! Imagine those hours that you could use to catch up and share stories with each other!
  • Listen to your favourite music. As cliché as it may sound, a good playlist with songs that you can sing along with during the trip would surely put you in a good mood. Nothing beats singing along with your favourite Taylor Swift songs while on the road! You can even spice it up and have a singing contest while on trip.
  • Eat out – and try to really experiment with your food choices. If there’s a new restaurant or fast food chain on the way that you haven’t tried yet, you can make a stopover and try the food there. Make sure to order their local dish if available. Bonding with your friends or family over food is never a bad idea!
  • Read a book. Maybe this long trip is just what you needed to finish that book you’ve been reading for ages, right? Maybe you can even start on a new one while on the road. If books are not your thing though, why not browse over some magazines and read an article or two? Catch up on the latest trends in fashion or read that write-up on your favourite artist!
  • Play board games. Board games are forever. In this world of mobile phone and computer games and applications, nothing beats bonding over board games. Play a game or two with your friends or family members. With the variety of board games available in travel versions on sale nowadays, you can certainly find something to suit your gaming preference. You can play chess, Monopoly, Clue, or Scrabble! Some board games even take hours to finish so you can take advantage of that long trip!
  • Play invented games! If there are no board games available, you can just play made-up games – anything fun that comes to your mind. For example, the first one who sees a car with a plate number with letter “A” gets a point and the winner on the end gets a treat on your next stopover!
  • Play Pokémon Go.  With the miles that you need to travel and the places that you will pass by, there’s no doubt you will be able to get more than just a small number of Pokémon – you can level up, hatch eggs, walk with your Pokémon buddy, and pass by Pokéstops to get some items!
  • Do your hobby. You can paint, update your journal, and take pictures while on the road. Make sure you pack your supplies in a bag for easy crafting along the way. If you play an instrument, why not take advantage of the time and practice some songs with it?
  • Relax. If it has already been a long trip and you need some time to relax, find a good spot, pull over, and rest. You don’t need to rush. Just take your time and rest whenever you need to. This might be your chance to take your mind off of some things. You’ll get to your destination eventually.

There are many more things that can be added on this list, of course, and it can go on and on, but always remember that keeping the right mindset is the key to enjoying long trips when moving away. It can be physically tiring and draining from keeping the same sitting position for hours and not being able to sleep soundly along the way, but if you think of this as a journey, a journey to starting anew and to making new memories with your family or friends along the way, the hours-long travel doesn’t need to become a boring and painful trip. Do one, or two, or all of the things on this list and you are sure to have a grand time while on the road!