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AFRA Accreditation: What you need to know

Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) is the accrediting and regulating body for all removal firms in Australia. Its main responsibility is to make sure that their members are meeting certain standard criteria by conducting rigorous inspections and regular audits.

Aside from evaluations and assessments, AFRA also makes sure that adequate training programs are available to its members and associates, and that they are making use of these to maintain and improve their knowledge and skills. AFRA also provides online training for members and non-members alike by preparing modules and training materials, and skills instruction aids that suit the respective companies’ specific needs. It has a wide variety of training courses that furniture removalists can choose from according to the company’s expectations and plans.

In this article, we discuss the benefits and advantages of being accredited by AFRA and, specifically, how AFRA Accreditation can be of help to customers like you.

AFRA Accreditation: What you need to know »

What it means to be AFRA Accredited

AFRA Accredited furniture removals companies are assured of getting a hold of necessary developments and information within the industry. A calendar of dates for upcoming trainings, conferences, and events, is available. As well as discussion of  updates on trends and issues such as customer service related disputes. Putting your interest as clients at the top of their priorities. More importantly, members and accredited companies are regularly updated with the newest legislation concerning the business itself. Ensuring that they are fully aware of their responsibilities, and of course, your rights as clients. Companies, including removal companies in Newcastle, are not only expected to undergo rigorous application procedures, they are also subjected to intensive scrutiny, inspection, and assessment before becoming an accredited member.

In addition, AFRA has been maintaining high standards in terms of health and safety in their services and respective workplace that policy-makers and industrial organisations genuinely admire and acknowledge. It just shows that these companies take good care not only of their customers, but also of their labour force – their employees. 

Why choose an AFRA Accredited member

With an AFRA Accredited member, you can be sure to get a quality of service that is off the charts! This is why clients view accreditation as a huge factor in choosing a moving company. AFRA is dedicated to pursuing a standard of excellence that it wishes to impart to its members and accredited affiliates. From equipment and vehicles, to training programs and materials, to new age storage facilities and technology, AFRA Accredited members ensure their customers have a world-class experience.

As members, companies that are AFRA Accredited are expected to carry Public Liability Insurance which means that your transactions are not only safe, but more importantly, they are legally covered. As for the items that you need to move, members are authorised to issue Transit Insurance. Whatever goods you entrust to your Newcastle removalist will surely be taken care of. Every important aspect of your moving, transport, and relocation is guaranteed to be covered and attended to.

Removals and Storage Newcastle is AFRA Accredited

Removals and Storage Newcastle is a proud AFRA Accredited furniture moving company. We provide our clients with just about everything for their relocation – from containers and packing materials regardless of sizes, to software and solutions, vehicle and pet transport, packing and unpacking services, trucks and tyres, and a lot more. Removals and Storage Newcastle is here to provide you with everything you need. Making sure that your move will be as stress-free as possible is at the top of our list. All documents and records such as quotations, contracts, inventories, and insurance papers are well kept in our offices, and are all approved and examined by AFRA .

All business transactions conducted by Removals and Storage Newcastle have the approval of AFRA. Such transactions include vehicle maintenance, storage facilities and security, among others. With Removals and Storage Newcastle, customers feel secure, and their items protected. There is no better deal than our commitment to you and your properties’ safety.

If you want to know more about AFRA, visit For further enquiries, call your friendly neighbourhood movers today and let us help you.